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VaSeanBrielle Members Club Program

VaSeanBrielle is salon for the elite, next level nails, hair and make-up club providing a warm inviting and professional environment.

We aim to assemble members with similar interest. VaSeanBrielle offers more than just a social meeting place, it's a place to feel like royalty. Our slogan "Beauty is a state of mind...leave the rest to us" is just the beginning.

We offer highly skilled and professional nail artists, hair stylists, and well known make-up professionals with a "Royal" twist and taste. Blending beauty with an "exclusive" social club vibe.

Our membership is $75/year and will contain an exclusive Rewards Program, Referral Program, Seniority Program and also access to Networking Events and more.

If you would like to be part of this all-exclusive membership, please mention it on your next visit.


about us

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